Do you Want to Break Free of Chronic Pain?

Discover a natural system to heal your pain & soothe anxiety, frustration & sadness


Are you tired of living with pain?

Chronic pain impacts on every area of your life – it’s not just the pain but fatigue, anxiety & sadness.

We teach people to heal their pain with strategies for body, mind & social well-being so they can get the joy back in their lives.


Reduce your pain & increase your mobility, strength & fitness


Calm a troubled mind, reduce your stress & lift your emotions

Social Well-being

Improve your relationships with family, friends & work colleagues


chronic pain management
Deal with Constant Pain Naturally
Deal with Constant Pain Naturally

Control My Pain Project

Why live with pain when you can break free of it?

This 6-week program walks you through a holistic approach to healing your pain that can put you back in control & return the joy to your life.

Developed by health professionals, these proven strategies will reduce your pain & soothe your distress so you can get back to living life to the fullest.

For Health Professionals

Want to deliver best practice biopsychosocial treatment?

We provide comprehensive training & resources for you to based on a proven framework that motivates the client to adopt self-care strategies.

Explore evidence-based neuroscience that really helps people with pain.

chronic pain management

Help Others
While You Help Yourself

Across the world, children are dying of hunger - right now. Multiple food crises are unfolding in countries such as South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Yemen & Somalia.

We donate 5% of all sales of Control My Pain Project to help children suffering from severe dehydration & malnutrition.

We empower people with the skills they need to heal their own pain whilst supporting our charitable partners to provide health care, food & clean drinking water to children in desperate need.

What They’re Saying

“I had constant back pain after suffering a sequestered disc. The pain was really getting me down. I am a nurse and I was fearful of being unable to work. My marriage was suffering. I felt like I was out of control.

The Control My Pain Project has really made a huge difference to me. If you ask my husband, I am like a different person after completing the course. It is like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Justine PorterNurse, Maryborough


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