Pain management expert

Pam Garton PhD – Co-Founder & Expert

Pam has over 30 years’ experience working as a health professional in rehabilitation and pain management. She has been committed to improving Injury Management service delivery with a goal for everyone who participates to come away with minimal pain, distress and disability and having regained control of their life.

To this end Pam has worked on the N.T. Work Health Advisory Board, National Executive of the Australian Rehab Providers Association, participated in development of Pain Australia’s inaugural Pain Strategy, and coordinated a multi-disciplinary team in development of the Abilita Program which provides assessment and coaching resources for biopsychosocial rehabilitation.

Pam completed her PhD at LaTrobe University, evaluating the efficacy of structured biopsychosocial rehabilitation in Injury Management.

Pam believes ‘Survive Thrive Strive’ fills a critical gap in healthcare because it offers common-sense pain education and proven practical strategies in a manner that will be understood by everyone.

Jackie Garton – Co-Founder & Guide

Jackie is a qualified lawyer and has a background in digital marketing.

After reading the original coaching materials, devised for training health professionals, she was incredibly impressed. The practical strategies and holistic approach to treatment provided so much more than traditional biomedical management.

She knew this was something she wanted to be involved with.

Everybody deserves access to the best evidence-based therapies, not just those that can afford it or are blessed with the right postcode.

By using her digital marketing experience she has been able to bring Pam’s expertise to many more people in the form of affordable and easily accessible online education.