What Everybody Should Know About Recovering From Surgery

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How to recover from surgery


Many people that live with chronic pain will undergo surgery at one time or another & recovering from surgery can be brutal at the best of times.

Surgery can be a very daunting prospect…not just for the patient but also their loved ones. People often have questions like…

                          How will I feel after the anaesthetic?

Will I be in a lot of pain?                          

                                                  How long until I make a full recovery?

Recovery from surgery will differ enormously from person to person depending upon the type of surgery, age, fitness & other factors.

There are a number of things you can do to aid recovery after surgery.

Pam, our therapeutic advisor at Survive Strive Thrive recently underwent surgery & even for health professionals with a wealth of knowledge & experience –  recovery can be tough….

That’s why we have put together a selection of our 6 favourite articles on recovering from surgery.

If you would like our printable Surgery Recovery Checklist just click here.

What to Expect When Recovering from Surgery


A simple guide to what happens after surgery & recovering from surgery. From waking after anaesthetic to activity at home after surgery. The guide is written by a health professional and contains a useful list on when to call your surgeon with concerns. Read the full article here.


How to Recover Much Faster from Abdominal Surgery


Easy to implement tips to help you recover from abdominal surgery. This article has been written by a surgeon & contains medical advice on topics such as getting the digestive system working again & your recovery at home after leaving the hospital. Read the full article here.


Mistakes after Surgery That Slow Your Recovery


Neat little round up of what NOT to do after surgery. The article includes advice on being too active, not active enough, medication & rehab. Especially relevant if you are considering jumping straight back into work. Read the full article here.


10 Best Healing Foods to Eat After Surgery


A great summary of the best foods to eat to aid recovery. The recommendations are grounded in nutritional science & the article also explains why these foods are so important to our health. Read the full article here.


Surgery Recovery Tips – How To Heal Faster From Surgery


This in-depth guide covers everything from preparation for surgery, supplements, preparing your home & caring for your incision. An excellent practical resource covering all areas of surgery preparation & recovery.


While the prospect of surgery may feel very daunting…you can take some simple steps to feel more in control of your recovery.

If your surgery is elective, you should have the time to prepare your body, mind & home.

If your surgery is the result of an emergency, you can still take some simple steps to aid your recovery.

Before surgery – a gentle exercise regime to improve your overall health & fitness will go a long way to speed up your recovery. Learn more about starting exercise here.

Look after your emotional well-being & prepare for your stay in the hospital. Prepare uplifting music compilations, photos of loved ones & light-hearted entertainment.

It may also help to prepare a simple meal plan for when you get home – jam-packed with nutritional ingredients to aid healing. You might find our advice on the chronic pain diet helpful just click here.

For the Surgery Recovery Checklist just click here.


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