Why live with pain when you can break free of it?

A natural system to heal your pain & relieve anxiety, frustration & sadness

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Is Pain Stealing the Joy from your Life?

Chronic pain affects every area of your life – it’s not just the pain but fatigue, anxiety, depression. Pain can steal your self-esteem, confidence & sense of identity. Pain can even impact on your most treasured relationships.

It’s Time to Take Back the Control

To effectively heal chronic pain you need a holistic approach to body, mind & social well-being. This 6-week program empowers you with proven strategies to increase your activity, sooth your distress & reduce your pain. Developed by a team of multi-disciplined health professionals this system helps people live pain free.

Benefits of the Strategies include...

Improved mobility so you can walkdance or get back to work

Increased energy levels so you can play with your kids, travel & get back to an active & fulfilling life

Reduced anxiety, frustration & sadness so you can get the joy back in your life

​Greater ability to cope with stress greater emotional resilience. Handle all of life’s challenges with calm.

Improved relationships with family, friends & colleagues so you can enjoy greater social well-being

​Unlock your own natural ‘medicine cabinet’ & feel confident in your body’s ability to heal

What They’re Saying

I had constant back pain after suffering a sequestered disc. The pain was really getting me down. I am a nurse and I was fearful of being unable to work. My marriage was suffering. I felt like I was out of control.

The Control My Pain Project has really made a huge difference to me. If you ask my husband, I am like a different person after completing the course. It is like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Justine PorterNurse, Maryborough

Are you ready to break free from pain?

In this program, you will learn....

How our bodies process painwhy pain becomes chronic & why this knowledge is the key to reducing pain

​Why normal reactions from our body, mind & social environment complicate recovery

​The latest science to calm an overly sensitive nervous system & create pain-free pathways in your body

​Leading therapeutic techniques to calm a troubled mind & reduce the impact of unhelpful thoughts & feelings

​Proven relaxation techniques which can be used to reduce stress & anxiety during pain flare-ups 

​How to move & exercise without fear of injury or a pain flare-up the next day

This 6 week program includes…

science of pain

Module 1

The Science of Pain

Knowledge is power. The key to healing pain is understanding how our bodies process pain & why pain becomes chronic. This module leverages the latest neuroscience to teach you how to calm an overly sensitive nervous system.

How our bodies process pain & why pain becomes chronic

How our body chemicals can increase or dampen pain signals

How to use neuroplastic techniques to create new pain-free pathways in the body & brain


Module 2

Biopsychosocial Approach

Do you walk less, worry more & enjoy less activities now you live with pain? We respond to pain with our body, mind & social activities. These normal biopsychosocial responses can complicate your recovery.

Discover how pain impacts on your body, mind & social well-being & how these responses, in turn, affect your pain

Gain insight into the interconnected areas of your life & how one aspect influences another

Assess & identify the biopsychosocial factors that are complicating your own recovery

thoughts and feelings

Module 3

Thoughts & Feelings

Living with chronic pain can create fear, anxiety, distress, frustration & sadness in the most resilient of people. Discover leading therapeutic techniques to soothe a troubled mind, regain a sense of control & boost your emotions.

Discover how thoughts & feelings impact on your actions & lead to increased pain

Learn proven psychological techniques to reduce the impact of unhelpful thoughts & feelings

​Identify common patterns of thinking that may be affecting your pain & complicating your recovery


Module 4


Pain creates a lot of distress, anxiety & frustration – which in turn can impact upon pain. Learn proven relaxation techniques to handle pain flares & create a greater sense of coping & calm.

Discover the hidden benefits of simple, discrete relaxation techniques to use anytime, anywhere

Learn breathing techniques proven to remove toxins from the body & create a greater sense of well-being

​Recognise the tension held within your own body. How tension impacts your pain & how to discretely release that tension

managing activity

Module 5

Managing Activity

Do you move less now you live with chronic pain because you are afraid of further damage? This natural response also reduces your mobility, affects your mood & increases your pain. Learn how to confidently increase your activity levels without fear of injury.

Discover how decreased levels of activity can impact on energy & pain levels

Learn how to escape from the boom & bust cycle so you can confidently increase any activity. Get back to walking, socialising & work

​Develop a personal exercise plan to safely build your strength & fitness


Module 6


Pain can impact on even the most solid of relationships. Discover proven strategies to enjoy meaningful connections with family, friends & colleagues.

Discover how common communication styles can lead to misunderstanding, confusion & resentment

Learn proven communication techniques to improve relationships at home & work

​Additional resources to help a family member living with chronic pain

You will also recieve…

Video Lessons

Short video lessons so you can easily squeeze them into your day

Private Community

Join our private community for support, advice & encouragement

Guided Relaxation

Downloadable audio files to relax anytime, anywhere on your personal device

Printable Resources

Support resources such as guides, planners & diaries to keep you on track

Weekly Assessments

Weekly ‘check in’ emails to remind & encourage you to practice the strategies

Online Assessments

Fun interactive quizzes to test your knowledge & cement your learning

Are you ready to break free from pain?

Frequently Asked Questions:

“How long is the course?”

The Control My Pain Project is a 6-week course. You can access all of the teaching resources as soon as you register for the course but we recommend that you only do one module each week. This is so you can really get the most out of implementing and practising the strategies you learn.

“How much time do I need for the Control My Pain Project?”

It will take around 30-40 minutes each week to go through the teaching material in the Control My Pain Project.

“Do I need to buy expensive resources?”

No! All of the strategies from the Control My Pain Project are easy to implement and do not require any additional equipment or resources.

“Is there a lot of reading?”

No, this course has been specifically designed for people suffering with chronic pain. The course consists of a series of 5-10 minute videos, audios and interactive quizzes. There are also downloadable guides and worksheets that you can print off to support you with implementing the strategies.

“Will the Control My Pain Project help me with my specific condition?”

The Control My Pain Project introduces you to the very best evidence based strategies for managing your body, mind and social well-being. The program is inclusive and has been developed to help people with a wide variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, fibromyalgia, and CRPS.

As the strategies are designed to help people improve their activity levels, mental and emotional resilience and relationships it is incredibly useful for everyone (whether they are living with chronic pain or not). The success of the strategies at relieving pain will vary from person to person and is dependent upon a number of factors including the individual, condition, determination, and diligence.

“How long will it take to feel the benefits?”

The Control My Pain Project is a self-directed pain management program and the results will differ from person to person, depending upon their condition, determination, and diligence. Every person living with chronic pain is unique and so too is their condition and their pain.
This is not a one size fits all solution. Some people will have strengths in one area and may feel the benefits of implementing the strategies very quickly. Similarly, for other people, it may take a little longer and more work to feel the benefit. The Control My Pain Project is not a ‘silver bullet’ or a magic fix. For those people who implement and practice the strategies, it can be incredibly effective at reducing and even eliminating pain and suffering.